Sustainable development

The most successful sustainable communities foster commitment to place, promote vitality, build resilience to stress and become stewards in forging wider connections beyond the immediate neighbourhood.

QED are committed members of the 'sustainable community' and while many organisations will claim they are passionate about sustainable development, there are just a few who innovate and have the vision to make a difference.

Sustainability to us means not wasting the limited resources we have, making the best use out of 'difficult' urban spaces, mitigating to reduce urban wastelands, creating flexible schemes that can evolve as needs change, facilitating transformation through a process of gradual change where ideas can be explored and tested, even within major regeneration projects.


QED has £0.75 million invested in renewable energy projects to date and is committed to ongoing research and development into decentralised energy. Will 2016 be the beginning of the end for the dominance of fossil fuels? “The writing is clearly on the wall that we are facing the end of the fossil fuel era, and if your economy depends on that it would be prudent in the extreme to plan for that transition while you still have respectable revenue,” Anthony Hobley, chief executive of the Carbon Tracker Initiative.

Energy security is now high on the agenda for everyone and since oil prices began their precipitous slide, many of the big oil producing countries themselves are cutting electricity and water subsidies, imposing energy conservation measures and encouraging homeowners to install solar panels in an effort to cut back on domestic consumption.

Britain generated more of its electricity from renewable sources than from burning coal for the first time in the second quarter of 2015, as more wind and solar farms were built. Now is the time to engage, to decarbonise, to limit the worse effects of climate change and make the moves necessary for a healthy and green economy.

QED advises businesses and communities on how to move towards a more decentralised energy system, which secures energy autonomy through a secure and cost effective supply and facilitates the transition towards a sustainable energy mix.

Urban Regeneration Projects

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