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Brighton shipping containers installation - week 4

Where do you start with utilities companies! The week does not start well, despite permission of highways, traffic management plans and several on site preparation meetings power is not brought to site over the weekend as expected and this will impact our program. On a positive note the plumber is almost through with connecting the mechanical fixings on block 1.

Early start on site. The team are cracking on with the stairs and walkways. We have access to the next level so work begins on the next 6 units; cleaning, changing of sockets to UK spec, installation of radiators and lights, further clean and fresh coat of paint inside and out. Its repetitive and progress is limited by access. We’ve got water (well cold anyway), but tests showed up some issues, missing pieces and a T joint is leaking. All fittings are Dutch. As yet no UK source. So much for Europe and standardisation! Teething problems with the plumbing and delay on getting power means we put back handover a week. I imagine Andy swearing again.There is just not enough time to test and resolve any issues once we’ve got power. Its frustrating but prudent.

Site meeting first thing, other than the issues from the days before all is well, building control come to site to discuss the project with the fire safety officer, we had most of the fire brigade round earlier in the week to have a look. University of Brighton students (around 40) come to site to have a look, answer a few questions, there is certainly plenty of interest. Carpet tiles are laid and now the first units are finished on the ground floor. Access is available to 1st floor of Block 2.

Food poisoning knocks me out for the next 3 days. I’m obviously not as critical as I like to think! we’ve a great team, the project continues.

Walkways and stairs are up another level on block 1, another 6 units ready to be carpeted.

Final cleaning work starts as work to walkways and stairs continues.

Back on my feet and onsite early to meet the site manager. Hopefully power is being brought to site today. The green roof is finished. It’s looking good. The wildflower meadow is sown on the areas of green roof and the PV panels are installed if not yet generating.


Returning to terra firma is nice (I’m not fan of heights!), there certainly seems to be plenty of activity; the traffic management company have finished (there are 3 way traffic lights it is hugely over the top in some areas and severely lacking in others!), the ground workers, once they remember where the cable runs crack on with the digging, the cable is run to site, i’m pleased to see it fits in the duct up to the intake room and power on site. Its a much more complicated and costly process than it should be but then having seen the mess of services under the pavements of Brighton in recent weeks I guess it should not come as a surprise.

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