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Brighton shipping containers installation - week 5

Call Good Energy first thing to confirm the CT ratio (I don’t know what that is/does either). Things continue to progress methodically with the stairs and walkways providing access to another floor. University of Brighton Professors x 2 (one taught me a few years back), come to site to have a look around and discuss decide how to set up the monitoring equipment. Sensors and data collectors will record internal temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide levels as well as energy consumption for analysis.


Cityclean come to site to talk about bins. Importantly the bin store is deemed big enough for what we need – 1100 litre bins which you have to buy these days – 2 for general waste and 1 for mixed recycling, (I’d like to see it the other way round but its not my call) and a further smaller bin for glass recycling. Collections once a week, they’ll come and get them and put them back so they say. I don’t push to hard – bins is a sensitive subject in Brighton! Appointment confirmed Thursday 8 am for installation of the electricity meter.

Catch up on paperwork and emails in the morning. Meet Paul the graffiti artist to talk about block 2 early afternoon. He is busy painting a poster for the Breaking Bad marathon in London later this year, which is 52 ft long! He is putting forward some ideas before we decide what to do. The Argus (local newspaper) call they are doing a feature on BHT and want to come to site to take a picture. Meet Steve Coulson of BHT to talk through handover, opening and food growing. The registration of our MPAN fails and we won’t be getting power tomorrow. Hugely frustrating. Evening spent building box from some old pallets for a tree tenant.

Well written article on BHT and their 45 years in The Argus – Homelessness 45 years on – Walkways and stairs are progressing we are up now to the 4th level and can tidy up, clean and paint. We run plumbing test and have got issues, nothing major but sourcing parts to plug leaks is a challenge. Visit Brighton Wood Recycling to look for boxes for raised beds etc – meet Richard one of their Directors – 15 years they’ve been self supporting social enterprise providing job, training and volunteering opportunities, selling construction timber as well as some amazing unique wood creations – well worth a visit. Buy some packing crates and tree boxes (with trees) for Richardsons and Richard kindly donates a herb box. Meter appointment now 4 pm Friday afternoon. Site electricians don’t believe he’ll turn up. They had better do!


Most of the day spent on the phone with our meter installation company ensuring our engineer will turn up. It is essential we get power so we can test. So far so good. Get some feedback on the container we bought to use as a bike shed. Hapag Lloyd have its shipping records from May 2013. A brief history but interesting none the less – Salerno, Italy – Montreal, Canada, Chicago, USA & Liverpool, UK where it was retired. I hear that shipping containers travel an average of 1/2 million miles before they are retired! Back onsite – there are some plumbing issues to sort, a few of the joints re leaking and with the system being dutch parts are not easy to source. Meter man turns up at 5 pm on Friday afternoon and we have power……………………………finally.


Day starts in Littlehampton picking up a raised bed I bought from ebay – the scaffold boards originally came from Brighton Wood recycling – the seller, who is moving house, donates their other bed to the project, which I can pick up next week. Thankfully, it should fit in the van a bit easier than the 3.90m bed we just picked up! Walkways and stairs reach the 4th (and final) floor on the big block. We crack on with final clean of the units (we’re handing over 12 a week Monday) and start numbering – the project is beginning to take shape.

Brighton shipping containers installation - week 4
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