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QED at the Showman’s Show 2015

The QED Team descended on the Showman’s show this year to explore the possibilities and exciting new events products coming to market in 2016, from portable toilets to portable hotels weren’t disappointed!

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Shipping container accommodation questions

Below are my responses following an enquiry from a student investigating the viability of container homes as permanent dwellings.

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Interim or meanwhile use in development control and planning

Planning policy and the planning system, however necessary is in serious need of an overhaul. It is long winded, bureaucratic, time consuming and expensive never mind just how infuriating and frustrating the experience can be for built environment professionals let alone the general public.

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Business case for PV

Lets face it the PV industry has had a hard time of late. Mainstream media tricks, Osbourne and his gas cronies, and DECC”s seeming revolving door employment policy have all contributed to the uncertainty that is unfortunate at best, given the impending peril we seem intend on ignoring. This blog (slightly technical i”m afraid, but any questions let me know) covers electricity usage data, generation data from an onsite photovoltaic (PV) solar array and the relationship between them.


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Architecture World

Andy Winter and I were recently approached by Gail Taylor, a freelance writer for World Architecture News who is writing a piece on the subject of shipping container accommodation for the homeless.

Here is what Andy (AW) and I (RG) had to say in response to Gail’s questions

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