About QED

The Brighton Greenway is a green corridor created in 2008 as part of QED’s regeneration of New England Quarter. It runs along the lower goods yard track bed, passes over the New England Road across the goods line bridge, before dropping down the embankment via steps to road level.

After an initial ‘honeymoon’ period, the greenway fell into disrepair. However, recognising the benefits of this community greenspace, in local people got together in November 2014, to clear up rubbish and cut back overgrowth so that the Greenway could be enjoyed by all. The first ever community event on Brighton Greenway coincided with Heritage Open Door weekend and included a guided walk from Brighton Station along the greenway to London Road Station, celebrating Brighton’s railway heritage.

The new lift up to Brighton Station now encourages more pedestrians to use the route.

Brighton Greenway is Brighton’s most urban Site of Nature Conservation Interest, providing a wildlife corridor through the centre of the city up to Preston Park and the Downs.