An exploration of the latest and most creative outputs in container architecture
Moveable Architecture, edited by Ross Gilbert

An exploration of the latest and most creative outputs in container architecture

Moveable Architecture, published by The Images Publishing Group, explores the most innovative and creative of the new wave of exciting shipping container developments that have taken place in recent years, and goes in-depth about the physicality of the humble shipping container.

Shipping containers helped kick-start globalisation and the global transport network in the mid-twentieth century, and with changing patterns in trade over time, a surplus of shipping container stock began to accumulate. And with the constant uncertainty of the world around us, this got people thinking of other ways these structures could be utilised.

Shipping container architecture has evolved from its origins as functional storage, industrial buildings and simple portable offices and shelters. Today, it is not just being used as an affordable build methodology, but as a tool for regeneration - rebuilding a place after a natural disaster; in response to excessive demand for specific need and time-based period; and as affordable temporary accommodation solution.

Moveable Architecture explores 46 of the world’s most successful developments constructed from shipping containers, with case studies on each. Featured in the book is Devil’s Corner (Cumulus Studio), Nike Unlimited Rio (GTM Cenografia), Pocket House (Cristina Menezes) and one of our own projects, Innovation Studios (CityZen) to name a few. 

Every day more and more shipping container developments are being commissioned around the world, as designers, developers and governments begin to understand the potential these structures have. The shipping container could truly disrupt a second industry, change the built landscape as we know it and open up development opportunities to all.

Moveable architecture excites us because of its adaptability, functionality and standardisation – which can drive the ability to re-use the building blocks, which in turn could have a profound impact on the economics of the building industry.

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