Meanwhile use

Meanwhile Use QED is passionate about bringing underutilised brownfield land back into viable use. We are investing in pilot projects that test the viability of our thinking.

Our award-winning shipping container pilot scheme for the Brighton Housing Trust was the first moveable accommodation scheme of its kind – providing much needed ‘move-on’ accommodation in the city.

Taking lessons learned from this and other projects, QED is continuing to find ways to value empty spaces and reusable buildings – whether its shipping containers or off-site, modular units – creating value through short-term land use with building blocks that can be moved and re-used again and again.

"Once you recognise that land in limbo is a resource, an asset rather than a liability, then actually it’s inexcusable to simply be in denial about it and do nothing about it" Chris Baines (CABE Space Enabler)

Place making

Creating places where people want to live, work or play for us is about collaboration, real collaboration. Our approach is simple, research based. We start with a series of high level questions; Why don’t people go here anymore? Did people ever come here? If so what for? If not why not? What does the local community want and need? Delving into the answers we search for the locally sourced ingredients that will attract people, revive or create a thriving place you and I would wish to visit, which builds community.

Event accommodation

Through our investment in pop up accommodation expert Caboose & Co. QED is using its skills to redefine event accommodation and raise the bar. Caboose’s mission is to provide the very best in event accommodation.

Caboose & Co. understands the challenges event organisers and accommodation providers face and offer luxury accommodation at speed to meet these needs. Developed as if we were the customer, Caboose’s full-service offer enables land owners and rights holders to realise value and ensure their staff or guests get the best nights sleep possible.

Temporary housing

Pockets of land that are either difficult to develop, in public sector ownership, awaiting agreement on long-term regeneration plans provides Local Authorities better value TA compared with short-term private sector alternatives such as B&B.

The ‘temporary use of vacant buildings or land for social or economic gain until they can be brought back into commercial use’ is a practical way to use the standard pauses in the development process. These are usually derived from the traditional cycle of design, permissions, build, market, tenant, re-market that every development undergoes and a tool for regeneration. Utilise land today rather than wait for tomorrow.

"With temporary emergency accommodation in such short supply interim schemes can provide a much needed lifeline for many. QED’s Marston Court is a ground-breaking development to provide temporary accommodation for homeless people."
Bob Blackman MP
Sponsor of the Homelessness Reduction Bill