1. What do you mean by temporary housing?
Temporary housing provides immediate accommodation on meanwhile sites, adding diversity to the housing mix in order to meet today’s increasingly complex housing need.

2. What makes a viable temporary housing project?
Most urban brownfield sites are capable of supporting a temporary housing project, the key viability factors are site area (minimum 10m x10m) and time available (minimum 5 years).

3. Why build temporary housing?
Using land today rather than waiting for tomorrow provides significantly more value for our society by helping to meet the housing need.

The re-usable kit of building parts which are manufactured off-site, can be used over and over again and don’t compromise future plans.

Off-site manufacturing is also far more efficient than traditional construction, creates significantly less waste and causing a lot less disruption.

4. Can I buy just the product?
Yes, the off the shelf kit of parts for housing is available from CargoTek, a joint venture company incorporating QED Sustainable Urban Development and ISO Spaces www.cargotek.com. CargoTek can also provide a bespoke design service.

5. What about planning?
Our projects, which require planning permission, are designed in context on a site by site basis and can be clad in a range of finishes to complement their environment.

6. What about building regulations?
The standard kit of parts for housing is fully building regulation compliant.

7. How can QED help you with your temporary housing needs?
QED provide the following services:

- Turnkey Solutions
Concept to completion service including; design, build, compliance, commission and handover –finance options are also available such as lease.

- Supply only
CargoTek our project specialist can supply you with all the kit you need.

- Consultancy
Bespoke services to provide you with the benefit of our development expertise and experience.