The established ‘take, make and waste’ model influencing technological innovation, prosperity, social change and mobility is damaging our environment. Moving away from a linear treatment of resources towards a regenerative, a circular model is an integral element of QED’s ethos.

As our society is becoming more mobile, will large centralised facilities be replaced by nimble flexible companies? Will today’s hot desking become tomorrow’s mobile working? Can moveable and re-usable buildings flex up and down as our society evolves?

Perceiving ‘pop-up’ as temporary or transient (and perhaps negative) is only seeing part of the story – moveable buildings facilitate development, regenerate areas, reduce financial risk, all the while re-using precious, finite resources.

Rapidly deployable

Rapidly deployable moveable accommodation product is becoming more widely used across a wide spectrum of sectors and applications.

Rapidly deployable solutions are ideal for fast tracked projects where onsite construction time is limited, or where access to skilled trades is difficult. Solutions that are transportable, fast to set up, with plug and go services, flexible, reuseable and economic – make ideal for pop up offices, decant accommodation, temporary accommodation, emergency accommodation and worker accommodation.

Shipping containers

QED develops innovative and award-winning moveable solutions using building blocks that can be re-used – whether shipping containers or custom designed ‘pods’. This modular architecture is an inherently versatile, low cost solution and is ideal for urban projects where access is restricted and affordable accommodation is in short supply.

Our award-winning Richardson's Yard pilot scheme for the Brighton Housing Trust is the first moveable accommodation scheme of its kind – providing much needed 36 ‘move-on’ accommodation units in the city. It took just 14 weeks start to finish. Next door, the Cobbler's Thumb development of 8 small business units took just 10 weeks start to finish.

Reusable structures

Always innovating, QED has, through its specialist shipping container contractor CargoTek, developed a kit of component parts designed to be moved and reused. This contributes to optimising the whole life cost of a project, while enabling simple deconstruction and transportability with easy refurbishment and upgrade if required.