Currently, inflation is at the highest level since March 1982, when it also stood at 9.1%, and the Bank of England has warned it will reach 11% this year. This has had a huge impact on the lives of millions of families across the UK. The cost of living crisis has put household budgets under real pressure, while private rental costs have spiralled up 14% in London over the past year - creating a growing demand for affordable housing which is expected to continue rising. Nationally, nearly 100,000 1 households were assessed as being homeless or at immediate risk of becoming homeless in the last quarter of 2021. 

Around the country, roughly 96,000 households are in temporary accommodation, while they wait for a longer term solution to become available. 2,295 of those households are in Ealing, and an average of around 100 further households approach Ealing Council each month in need of temporary accomodation. Ealing has experienced a steady decline in the availability of suitable options to offer homeless families, particularly within the borough.

Ealing is one of a handful of leading London councils proactively embracing solutions to address the affordable housing crisis by utilising brownfield sites.  

Privately funded by QED, Western Avenue is expected to deliver cost savings of £2million to the council, and it will provide safe, comfortable affordable housing for 119 homeless people in Ealing. 

The proposed accommodation provides 44 front doors comprising two and three bedroom family homes, all with south-facing balconies. Built to zero carbon standards, proposals to re-instate the western wing of Glendun Court are architecturally inspired by the mansion house typology and shall create a statement building along the Western Avenue.

QED’s planning application for Western Avenue will be submitted in July 2022.



10k+ Householdon Ealing’s
housing register


Family homes created


Mature trees safeguarded

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Western Avenue, Ealing
Western Avenue, Ealing
Western Avenue, Ealing
Western Avenue, Ealing
QED has successfully worked with the Housing Demand department on the delivery of 100+ units through a modular housing design and is working on another current proposed housing development in the borough.

Jack Dempsey | Head of Allocations and Accommodation, London Borough of Ealing